Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

This week’s beautifully organized space is this closet from the latest issue of Lucky magazine:
Shelf organizers help keep handbags tidy and contained. Labeled shelves help distinguish between piles of jeans. A corkboard provides a space to post outfit inspiration.
Sweaters are folded neatly by type in stacks no higher than 10 inches, with bulkiest pieces at the bottom of the pile to avoid an unstable top heavy formation.
Thin huggable hangers prevent garments from slipping and, unlike bulkier wooden hangers, don’t eat up valuable hanging space
A mounted wall rack concealed behind a lovely curtain takes advantage of a nook and holds shoes.
Drawer dividers help keep delicate lingerie organized and prevent any snags from tangled bra hooks.
Jewelry is kept untangled and organized in velvet jewelry trays.
Photography by Mark Lund for Lucky Magazine
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Taking a few moments during this busy busy week to appreciate the fact that spring has, as of March 20th, officially arrived. Happy for lovely blooming branches and more days outdoors taking in the sun and fresh air…. ahhh….What do you love about spring?
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Find me over at be inspired

The lovely Nycia of Be Inspired has featured me today on her beautiful blog. Click on over to check it out.
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Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

This kitchen may be small, but it’s beautifully outfitted with a place for all the essentials…
Knives on a magnetic strip…pots hung on over rod hooks…
dinnerware, serveware, and glassware neatly arranged on open shelving…wine on a wall mounted rack
…dishtowels, pot holders, and lids in breathable wire drawers.

all images via from me to you
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Dreamy Pink

A soft, delicate, lovely palette…

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Good Morning!

Loving this sunny photograph of Nina Holst’s lovely home office:
Hope you have a great start to your week!
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5 Things That Made a Difference to Ashlina

This week’s blogger participating in the series 5 Things That Made a Differennce is Ashlina of The Decorista. Ashlina is an interior designer and editorial contributor with such a fun design sense. On her blog, you’re always sure to find tons of glamorous, colorful, feminine, swoon-worthy design inspiration.  I had the chance to spend time with Ashlina in LA prior to her recent move to NYC, and she’s as sweet and fabulous as you’d imagine her to be. Read on to find out what five things have positively influenced her life:


1. Making the move to NYChas been such a huge inspiration for me and my life. I have a renewed vision for the things I want to accomplish creatively. The energy here keeps me motivated and excited to pursue my dreams.
2. My old journals…when I read journals that I wrote from the past few years of my life, I see that most of the things that I have written down I have accomplished. I am a firm believer in lists and recording thoughts on paper for future generations. Putting my dreams in journals and writing all of my dreams has been so important in my life. I love reading them.
3. “Do what you love and do it often”…I love motivating and inspirational words, they encourage me to follow my heart. They quiet the inner critic and rational person in my mind. This one makes me smile everytime I read it, so I have it taped to a mirror in my hallway.
4. Starting my own business, and growing it…hands down the best thing I could ever have done for myself. I encourage anyone who wants to do it, to just go out and do it. It will be life changing!
5. Inspiring conversations with inspiring women…the best relationships I have are with the women that I admire the most. (my mentor = Jaime Rummerfield. She is the best for encouragement and fun bonding!
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Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

Loving how beautifully kitchen/dining items are organized in this modular cubby :
Love that it has little label holders:
Reminds me of this cubby unit.
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High/Low: Stylish Boudoir

I love Style at Home‘s High/Low feature which shows a space decorated almost identically, but on two different budgets -one high, one low. Check out this stylish boudoir. Can you tell which cost $10,101 and which cost $4,194?

Find out here!
Interior Design by Samantha Pynn, Photography by Virginia MacDonald
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New Online Mag: Dabble

A few of my favorite shots from the design section of the premiere issue:
Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.53.31 AM.png
Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.40.23 AM.pngScreen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.39.42 AM.png
Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 8.40.54 AM.png
The magazine also features great food and travel sections. Go check it out if you haven’t already!
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