Shoes as Works of Art

Love the idea of displaying (and protecting!) an ultra special pair of shoes as a work of art under a glass bell jar..

Do you have a treasured pair you’d consider treating like this?

image credits: 1- lucky, 2- lonny
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Classic Pencils

Styled right, a matching cluster of classic pencils can look quite chic on a desk:

Thinking of doing something like that or like this in my new office :)

image credits: 1-photography by emily johnston anderson, 2- domino
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A Beautifully Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Love what Callie did in her kitchen.  Not only did she beautifully arrange and organize her dish, glass, and serve-ware, she went an extra step by adhering black and gold mums paper from Paper Mojo to the inside of her glass cabinets:

It’s all in the details! By the way, the rest of her home is gorgeous.  See it here.

p.s. In case you missed it – along similar lines, another beautifully organized cabinet.

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Moved In

We’re officially moved into the new place! You don’t realize how much stuff you truly own ’til you move! The place is filled with boxes and boxes ready to be unpacked. I personally don’t enjoy the process of packing, loading the truck, unloading the truck, etc., but I do enjoy the process of unpacking. Probably because it involves organizing!

Now comes the process of getting settled in and making it feel like home. I can’t wait to transform the place.  This is what the living room/dining area looked like on the day we got the keys:

It’s a nice open layout. From the front door (which you can see on the right in the second photo) you step into a tiny entry and then into the living room. The dining area is adjacent and a sliding door leads out to the patio.  Both the living/dining areas are visible from the kitchen.  The floors are in good condition and there’s a working fireplace (yay!).

The color of the walls wasn’t bad, however it didn’t really work with our existing furniture and since it’s a relatively small space, I wanted it to feel as spacious and bright as possible, so decided to paint the walls a lighter color.  I went with Olympic no VOC paint in Horseradish which is a lovely creamy beige.  I didn’t get a chance to take a good photo of the freshly painted room, but as soon as I get some of the boxes out of the way, I’ll be sure to take one and share with you.

Off to catch up on some work then get a start on the unpacking. I’ll share some more updates later in the week!

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Dream Dressing Room

So much to love about this walk-in closet: the custom built-in wardrobes painted a lovely grey, the floor to ceiling window that allows for abundant natural light, the glamorous chandelier, drapery and seating…

…as well as the little details like the beautiful crystal knobs and built-in natural oak drawer dividers.

Adding this one to my dream home inspiration file!

image credit: via kvanum
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Beautifully Organized: Bracelets

When it comes to organizing bracelets,  a good option for those who like to have things put away out-of-sight, is to dedicate a portion of a drawer to them and use organizers to keep things separated and neat. Clear ones always look nice. Remember to measure before buying!

For those who are more visually oriented (right-brained!) and prefer to have things out, trays are great for corralling pieces and keeping surfaces from looking like a cluttered mess.

Another option is to hang them on a jewelry tree, which makes for a lovely display.

Last but not least, a fun idea is to keep them in pretty vintage cups. Look for ones with a wide enough mouth to fit the width of your pieces.

Hope this post inspired some ideas for your own home!

image credits: 1 & 3 – photography by isa salazar via lonny mag blog, 2- photography by emily johnston anderson via glitter guide, 4- photography by douglas friedman via c magazine, 5-6 glitter guide
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Moving Week

This week my husband and I are moving into our new place! Today and tomorrow I’ll be finishing up packing, Wednesday we’ll start taking things over to the place and painting the living room and office, and Saturday we’ll move the big stuff (furniture, etc).  Hoping I don’t let myself get too off balance by not remembering to drink enough water, eat right, breathe, etc., as I tend to do when it’s a particularly hectic week. To get off on the right foot I drank alkaline water first this morning and I have my veggies washed for a green juice later today so that I have the energy to get everything done! I’ll share pictures of the place later in the week and tweet updates -I hope you’ll follow along!

image credit: 1 photography by Chad Wadsworth via camille styles
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Weekend Musings

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

image credits: 1-lonny mag, 2-photography by anna malin via helt enkelt, 3-via gorgeous love, 4-via lark and linen
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How Shauna Organizes Her Spices

This week’s guest participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series is the lovely Shauna of Satori Design for Living who takes a holistic approach to design and organization in helping others beautifully transform their homes. She gives us a peek inside her kitchen and shares with us how she organizes her spices:

I have always loved using spices in cooking, but it usually meant searching through a basket of miss-matched packages, jars and tins to find the one I was looking for. Quite often I’d end up buying multiples of the same spice because it was buried at the bottom of a disorganized mess. I also never kept track of how long I had a particular spice and knew that in order to get the most flavor, whole spices should only be kept for three years and ground spices for just a year. (When a spice is ground, it releases the oils responsible for its flavor and aroma. As the oils dissipate, the spice becomes less pungent.)

To start with, I took stock of all the spices I had and weeded out the ones I never really use. I then bought small jars from the Dollar Store to transfer the spices into. It’s always much better to keep items the same to prevent an area from looking cluttered. I used small jars for most of the spices and larger ones for spices we use in greater quantities. I then found labels from the Martha Stewart line at Staples, printed the spice names using the computer and affixed them to the jars. Next, I applied a clear protective film over the labels to keep them looking new. On the bottom of the jar I affixed a small label and wrote the month and year the spice was put into the jar.

Currently I keep the spices on simple white trays on a shelf in my pantry closest to the stove. I store them alphabetically, with spices used more often at the front. This new system looks visually appealing and makes finding spices a breeze. I like the fact that I’m doing something good for the environment by purchasing small packets of spices (that can be recycled) to refill the jars. I also feel confident that dishes will be flavorful because of the freshness of the spices I use.

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Two Bright Kitchens

I tend to be most drawn to kitchens that get great natural sunlight, so it’s no surprise I fell for these two:

Aren’t they dream-worthy? Aside from the beautiful white cabinetry, I love the big windows that allow for beautiful views of the outdoors and tons of sunlight to stream in.

image credits: 1-via atlanta homes mag, 2-via the architecture blog
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