Coffee Bars

When organizing and arranging things in a kitchen, I like to keep similar-use items together. For frequent coffee drinkers like me, it’s nice to have a dedicated spot near the coffee maker, to everything you need to make your morning cup – the beans, mugs, sugar, etc., – essentially creating a convenient little coffee bar. Depending on the space items could be arranged in a cabinet, a shelf, or a tray on the counter:

Are you coffee person? Do you have a dedicated coffee zone in your kitchen?

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Stylish Storage: Silver Painted Baskets

Check out this beautiful entryway from the home of Catherine of The Life Styled:

She uses pretty baskets to stylishly store and keep shoes and dog toys out-of-sight.

They’re actually a fairly easy DIY project with a total cost per basket of less than $35. Learn how to make your own here!

image credits: 1- sarah yates, 2-johnny miller
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Lending Hand

Loving the wall mounted “hands” in these two entryways:

Quirky yet functional additions to the decor, and probably fun conversation pieces!

image sources: 1-apt therapy, 2-dabble mag
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How Jenna Organizes Her Makeup Brushes

Today participating in the How I Organize series is Jenna of the lovely blog The Three Little Birdies.  She shares with us how she beautifully organizes her makeup brushes.

With an increasing collection of makeup brushes and makeup itself, I found myself frantically searching for a specific makeup brush every morning while trying to get ready for work. With no rhyme or reason, I would just toss my brushes in a drawer and leave them to get smashed by the million other makeup items I would throw on top of them.

I got the idea from Sephora to use clear jars filled with a weighted object to display and keep my brushes organized. While having a hard time trying to find beanbag fill, I opted for a $1.00 bag of white beans to use instead. I filled each glass container halfway full of the beans and stuck my brushes straight in the beans to stand them up. I designated one jar for eye brushes and one jar for face brushes. It was a cheap and easy alternative to easily find a brush, keep them clean and keep them organized. Another suggestion is to use coffee beans as a filler; your brushes will have an extra special scent and might give you an early morning boost while doing your makeup!

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Currently On My Desk…

…fully open vibrant pink peonies from Trader Joes and yellow ikat fabric that I’m considering using for pillows for my shop:

Loving the pink and yellow together – a great summer color combo :)

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Beautifully Organized Space: Accessories Closet

Check out this accessories closet:

Beautifully organized by Flavia of Lulu Abroad, who lined up her shoes on shelves by type, hung belts on a row of hooks, used frames for sunglasses and jewelry, and cubbies for handbags.

Functional and looks great too.  Nicely done!

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I’m Back!

Sorry for the unexpected long silence here! I didn’t plan to be away from the blog for so long. I’ve had several things going on at once these past few weeks, and with little downtime available to unwind and re-energize, honestly, it’s been somewhat overwhelming and draining.

I’m just now starting to create a bit more breathing room to get a balance back.  I’ve missed having time to do things like cook at home, exercise regularly, take Little Foot to the dog park, visit with friends, have a leisurely weekend, work on projects, make some progress on the apartment, write blog posts, catch up on my blog reading, etc. … I’m looking forward to integrating those things back in to my days.

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Beautifully Organized: Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics

On most days, I tend to put my hair up in a pony tail, bun or chignon – any of you do the same? Here are a few ideas for keeping all those bobby pins and hair elastics organized and easily accessible:

Designate a specific spot for each type of hair accessory so that when you need an item you know where to find it.  (1) A small clear vanity jar can beautifully hold hair elastics.  (2) A paper clip holder works great for bobby pins since the magnetic ring makes them easy to dispense. (3) A larger container with dividers is great for separating out different sizes/types and for holding larger quantities.  (4) Magnetized boxes and magnetic strips (5) adhered to the inside of a cabinet door are perfect for small spaces.

Where do you like to store your hair accessories?  Share your ideas with us in the comments section!

image credits: 1-via dress design decor, 2-glitter guide, 3-real simple, 4-into the gloss, 5-lucky mag, 6-life currents
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Photo Labeled Hat Boxes

Photos are a great way to label the contents of a box. We’ve seen them used for organizing shoes, and this lovely example from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shows them used for organizing hats:

p.s. find out how she DIY’d her boxes here!

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

I will be giving my mom the royal treatment this weekend.  She is my mentor, my role model, my greatest supporter, always giving her love and kindness.  I feel so fortunate to be her daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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