Photo Labeled Hat Boxes

Photos are a great way to label the contents of a box. We’ve seen them used for organizing shoes, and this lovely example from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shows them used for organizing hats:

p.s. find out how she DIY’d her boxes here!

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

I will be giving my mom the royal treatment this weekend.  She is my mentor, my role model, my greatest supporter, always giving her love and kindness.  I feel so fortunate to be her daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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Living Room Progress

Last week I showed you photos of my office progress. Today I’m showing you photos of our living room. If you remember from this post, when we got the keys, the walls were painted a medium brown.  Similar to the office, we decided we wanted to brighten things up with a nice white (we went with Horseradish C15-1 by Olympic):

Here’s my list of things to get/make:

1. Throw pillows – I’ve been so busy making them for others, I haven’t set aside the time to make some for myself! lol I guess also, I haven’t really finalized what fabrics I want to use.  I want to do four, maybe five pillows total.  Two will probably be in China Sea’s Aga Reverse in black and white, but not sure what I want for the others. Still deciding!

2.  Art for wall above sofa – I’m thinking something abstract with various blues

3. Another table lamp and two side tables (the thing holding the current lamp is actually a shoe shelf turned sideways)

4. A rug to add a bit of warmth and texture

5. A mirror for above the fireplace – maybe a sunburst one or a tall rectangular one

6. Coffee table accessories

7.  A flat screen TV (you can spot the “mini”, yet bulky one we currently have in the second pic)

I’d love to take out the blinds and add new window treatments but considering we don’t really know how long we’ll stay in this condo (1 year, 2 years?), it may not be worth the investment.  The white chair I’ve had since I was in college and was given to me by a friend of my mom’s.  It’ll probably stay for now.

Well there you have it.  That’s what my living room looks like currently – a neutral base. Can’t wait to add some life and color to it. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Color Inspiration: Aqua + Navy

 image credits: 1-christopher farr, 2-martha stewart
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Walk-in closet in a mini bedroom

An old fave from domino.  This is such a great idea for a small room with no storage.   A loft bed leaves leftover room underneath for a closet system to organize clothes and accessories.  Fabric on the loft’s undercarriage and custom curtains dresses things up. Every inch is maximized and the space feels serene and clutter free.

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My Office Progress

I know I promised more photos of our new place after this post. Well I’ve finally gotten around to taking some. First up, my office. Here’s what it looked like when we first got the keys:

Since then we’ve painted the walls (it was too dark and depressing before!) and moved in my desk, etc., so here’s the progress so far:As you can see, there’s still a lot left to do.  I love how desks look centered in the room, but the cords in the middle of the floor are definitely a hazard so I have to find a solution for that or move the desk against the wall.  On the main wall I’m planning to have an Expedit shelving unit (placed horizontally) and a gallery wall with framed artwork, photos and maybe a mirror.  I might move the storage units that are currently on the side wall (with the window) into the closet, depending likely on whether or not I end up moving the desk.  The current rug is too small (it’s the one I used to have in the closet at my old place) so I’m looking for a replacement  – something that will be big enough to cover more of the not-so-pretty carpeting.  We shall see! I’ll post more pictures as I make more changes :)

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Open Clothes Rack

A fun idea for clothing storage is utilizing an open rack.  It could be a nice spot for organizing outfits for the week or for an edited selection of favorite pieces that also serve as eye candy.  A little inspiration…

Find garment racks at stores like Ikea, Linens-N-Things, and the Container Store

image credits: 1-domino mag, 2-via indulgy, 3-a cup of mai, 4-vogue, 5- photography by marcus lawett, source residence via emma’s design blogg, 6-via weekday carnival, 7-love aesthetics, 8-kara’s lookbook via decorpad, 9-via sila’s pinterest
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Beautifully Organized Glassess

Do you have a designated spot for your glasses/sunglasses? While you can certainly just store them in their cases and in a drawer, for those of us though who tend not to use our belongings when they’re hidden away, a good option is to keep them corralled in a tray, which allows them to be out where you can see ‘em and easily accessible. This works whether you have two or three pairs (like me)…

or you have several pairs…

Another option is to hang them. A simple sturdy hanger works great.Or you can create a DIY organizer using a frame and wire. Find out how to make your own here and here!

image credits: 1- photography by tinywater via the glitter guide; 2- via lonny blog, 3- photography by anh sunstrom via the glitter guide; 4- via apartment therapy, 5-via pretty stuff tumblr , 6-a beautiful mess,
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How Myrna Organizes Her Desk

Today we have Myrna of For the Love of Black, participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series. She gives us a peek inside her home to share with us her fabulous desk area:I’ve never really needed a desk area before, but since I’ve started my blog, I was finding I needed an area that was all mine, and of course it has to be beautiful so that it inspires me. So I find if I surround myself with things like my artwork, a scented candle, and beautifully organized desk supplies, I get the job done easier and it’s much more pleasant.

A few things I’ve found to help keep me organized are for everything to have its place and that goes for around the rest of my home as well. On my desk I like to have paperclips ready to grab in a pretty little bowl, definitely a little notebook for those random thoughts going on in my head all the time, a great pen for notes, a pencil for sketching, my iPad, and a good light. I also must have a clock as I’m a stickler for being on time. And fresh flowers never hurt!!

Another thing I find is a must is to keep all wires from computers, lamps, and phone chargers out of sight if you can. Too much clutter looks disorganized. Ikea has some great cable management boxes and reels. Organizing as you go helps things from piling up and keeps your mind free from clutter too. I have a little black urn style container with a lid for receipts and little notes I don’t want scattered all over my desk. For me, this is how I work best!!

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Adding Kitchen Storage

If you have insufficient cabinet space, and happen to have an empty expanse of wall, making use of that by adding shelves, is a great way to create additional storage. Kelly of the Glamourai did just that in her kitchen and I love how it turned out:

She used lucite shelves from the Container Store

and lined each with matching pieces, like those lovely aluminum vintage spice canisters.  (Find similar ones here and here.)

Have you utilized empty wall space to create extra storage in your kitchen? The cabinet space in our new place is definitely limited, but luckily we do have an empty wall, so we’ll likely be adding one or two shelves as well as a pot rack similar to this one. I’ll share on here once we do!

image credits: all courtesy of the glamourai
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