Stylish Storage: Hand-labeled Kraft Boxes

Love how Jessie of Follow Studio has labeled the kraft storage boxes in her workspace:

Such beautiful simplicity.

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Julia’s Living Room

I love seeing photographs of my customers’ decorated spaces.  Julia of Pawleys Island Posh recently added two of our leopard linen pillows while updating her beautiful living room and I think they, along with her other additions, have made such a fun impact. Here’s the space before the updates:

and here it is after:

Photos by Julia Ryan. See more on her lifestyle blog!

Looks great, don’t you think? I love the playful mix of patterns!

If you’re interested in the leopard linen pillows, you can order here!

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Wardrobe Essentials Part II

As promised, here’s the continuation of yesterday’s post. These items aren’t Fall/Winter specific, just also on my current ‘To Buy’ list:

Leopard heels

Gold belt
Something sapphire blue

A white blouse

Statement cluster necklace

A circle/full skirt

Find all images on my Pinterest
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Our Bedroom Before + Decorating Progress & Plans

Our bedroom is finally starting to take shape! For the longest time it looked like this (even though it had been a good while since we moved in):

Yea, not so pretty.  The wall color actually doesn’t look too horrible in the photo (probably because it was a sunny day when I took it and the light was streaming in through the sliding doors) but my husband and I both didn’t like it, to say the least. We usually keep the curtains in that room closed most of the time and so the wall color made the room look dark and depressing. Definitely not us.  We used extra dining chairs as nightstands. The headboard you see to the right we brought in from my mom’s house to re-upholster it in a different fabric.

I wasn’t expecting it to take so long to get it looking decent, but other unexpected things kept taking precedence of our time and financial resources.  We have finally made some progress though. So far we’ve changed out the duvet cover, painted the walls, brought in “nightstands”, recovered the headboard and installed it, and selected fabrics for the pillows.

We went with this duvet cover from Ikea:

My husband is (sadly) not a fan of white duvet covers and we wanted something inexpensive since we eventually plan on upgrading our Full size mattress to a Queen or King, so it’s not worth investing in something nicer just yet.

This dining space from an old issue of domino inspired the wall colors: We didn’t go with as much contrast but still chose two different blues (Olympic Zero VOC Paint):

Our current bed frame is from Ikea and is the same one we’ve had for a while.  It served us well when we were very tight on space.

Though we’re not as short on space anymore and we’d love to change it, we’re waiting to do so until we can also afford the larger mattress mentioned above.  Since it’s staying and it has drawers, we went with shelves as nightstands so they won’t get in the way of being able to open the drawers.

We recovered the headboard in a greige linen (below right) and finalized fabrics for the pillows: The chintz fabric I’ve loved since seeing it in Michelle’s Lonny office:

It works perfectly with the colors of the duvet and the headboard. (Update: I found out the fabric is on backorder til late December :-( I guess I’ll have to wait – booo)  The blue velvet will add richness, and the Kelly Wearstler fabric with the diagonal lines is a nice contrast to the floral in terms of style and pattern.

Up next to do:

  • make the pillows
  • get a new alarm clock -I’m thinking maybe this one
  • on the nightstands add black frames with black and white photos of us
  • buy and install grouping of white square frames on opposite wall

What do you think? Can you start to picture it? Can’t wait to share more progress!

Follow me on Instagram for mini updates!

*For those who are interested in pillows out of the fabrics mentioned above, please email for a quote

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How Kelsey Organizes Her Armoire

This week, participating in the How I Organize series, is interior designer and room stylist, Kelsey of Kelsey Design. She gives us a peek at how she organizes her beautiful bedroom armoire:

I have been in love with French armoires for as long as I can remember. When I saw one on Craigslist, I knew my time had come. It still needs a little TLC and I haven’t decided if I’ll keep the wood or paint it white. I love when I open the doors to my armoire, I can see everything at a glance- no more opening and closing drawers to find that one piece!

I’ll be honest, it is not always easy neatly folding all my pieces, rather than shoving them in a drawer. But, everything is at my fingertips! I can actually remember what all I have. Socks, t-shirts, undies, and flats are piled in baskets. My belts are in an apothecary jar and my scarves are in a clear basket- even your armoire needs a pop of color! I display my statement necklaces on a mirrored tray to stay inspired when picking out my outfits. The rest of my accessories are housed in a chest of mini drawers and my favorites are in a vintage blue candy jar. Vintage candy jars are one of my favorite ways to store favorite accessories- where practical meets pretty! I stack my jeans, pants, and sweaters. They are easy to remove from the stack without the whole pile tumbling down. Like colors are paired together…can you tell I’m in love with pink and red pants?

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Picks from Zara Home

Back when I was studying abroad in Spain, I remember walking into a Zara Home store and feeling like a kid in a candy store. There were so many lovely decor items everywhere I turned. I was sad to find out though that there were no Zara Home locations in the US, and while that’s still the case, as of this month the line is now available online. I browsed the selection this morning, and found several great trays, boxes, bins and baskets for beautifully organizing the home:

1-phoebe wardrobe box, 2-beny tray, 3-nadia baskets, 4-rato tray, 5-frank tray, 6-lilli box, 7-ludwig baskets, 8-jens basket, 9-zafit tray, 10-jack box, 11-lisbeth basket

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Dinner Planning

When we were newlyweds, my husband and I struggled on a constant basis with not knowing what to make for dinner each night. He’d come home from school, I’d come home from work, both mentally tired, and one of us would ask “what should we make?”, to which the other would reply, “I don’t know….ummm….” Finally someone would think of something, and then we’d check to see if we had the ingredients for it and though sometimes we’d luck out, more often than not we’d be missing at least one or two things. We’d then either, scramble up something with what we did have, make a run to the grocery store, or give up and order take out.

Over time we started to get the hang of things. After trying out a few different ways to organize the process we’ve settled upon this current system (outlined below), which has eliminated excess trips to the grocery store, helped us cut down on food spending, and overall has worked really well for us:

  • We sit down together one day during the week (usually Saturday or Sunday morning after breakfast) and decide on what we’d like to eat each night. If we’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, we turn to food websites, blogs, our cookbooks, and/or Pinterest.
  • Using the (free!) Real Simple Dinner Planner (which to take make things convenient, we keep copies of in a transparent pocket adhered to the inside of our pantry door), we write the dishes in the Menu column (furthest left). When deciding on what dinner to slot on what day of the week, we keep in mind which ones rely on more perishable groceries and/or ingredients we already have on hand that need to be used soon.
dry erase board from three by three seattle,  printable dinner planner from real simple
  • Again using the planner, we write down the ingredients we need to buy for each meal in the appropriate columns to the right (Produce, Dairy & Refrigerated, etc).  I love the way the planner is organized because the columns correspond to the aisles of most grocery stores, making it easy to shop down each column.
  • So we don’t forget what we decided upon for what day, we write the dishes on a dry erase board we have in the kitchen, which serves as a menu. We use the Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planner from Three By Three Seattle.  We love it because it’s conveniently labeled with the days of the week, it has a handy little shelf for a marker, and it’s magnetic, so we can post up printouts of any recipes we’ll be using.

Hope sharing this was helpful to anyone out there who may also struggle with dinner planning!

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Washi Tape Calendar

Do like Jensie Jean of Take Two They’re Small and use washi tape in different colors and patterns to beautifully mark multi-day events and projects in your planner. A nice alternative to using highlighters, doing this lets you see at a glance what you have coming up and when you’ll be busiest. Great idea, wouldn’t you agree?

BTW, Russell + Hazel binders, like the ones you see above, are currently on sale on One Kings Lane through Saturday! They’re beautiful and can be customized with their SmartDate system.

image credits: 1-russell + hazel, 2-pretty tape, 3- take 2 they’re small
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Beautifully Organized Magazines Part II

In the last ‘Beautifully Organized’ post I talked about organizing the latest magazine issues – the ones that are current reading material. Today I want to go over a few tips on organizing old magazine issues that you’ve held onto for future reference.  You may have heard the organizing rule that you should only keep the most current issue of any given magazine and toss the rest.  While that may be a good idea for many, I don’t believe it’s necessarily a rule all should follow.  If you’re anything like me, you love your shelter and fashion glossies and like to go through old issues from time to time for a jolt of visual inspiration for a blog post, design project, etc. Oftentimes an issue from a few years ago is just as inspiring as a current one and the tactile experience of flipping through the pages is a nice break from all the digital.

Since new issues arrive to us every month from various subscriptions though, the challenge is not letting the collection get out of control.  Most of don’t have space to store every single issue of every single publication.  What I like to do is, when I get a new magazine in, as I’m reading through it, I fold down the corner of pages that have inspiring content.  If I only dog-ear two or three pages, I rip those out, save them in a magazine clippings binder (more on that later!) and recycle the remainder of the magazine.   If I find that I’ve dog-eared tons of pages though, I keep the magazine.

Here’s a few ideas on how to store the keepers:

Separate them out by type…

Place stacks of them on open shelving in the living room, bedroom, or office.  If done neatly, they can be integrated nicely into the decor of a space.

Alternatively, containerize them in magazine files a la Carrie Bradshaw…

Ikea and the Container Store are my go-to places to get magazine files.  You can either turn them around so the fully covered side is facing towards the front, and label them for a clean, streamlined look…

Or you can turn them the opposite way so that the upper half of the magazines show…It’s a good idea to turn the files this side when you don’t have labels on them. Bonus: Looks particularly nice when the spines are colorful!

Tell me, do you collect magazines? How do you organize and store them?

Hope this inspired some ideas for your own home!

image credits: 1- 7th house on the left 2- mimi + meg, 3- photography by danielle moss styling by alexandra berlin design, 4- scan from your home is a sanctuary via this is glamorous, 5- martha stewart, 6- canadian house and home, 7- hbo’s sex and the city, 8- via lonny mag, 9- via for the love of pretty, 10- deliciously organized, 11- i heart organizing, 12- arianna belle, 13- found via this pin
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How Stephanie Organizes Her Handbags

Today we have blogger Stephanie Fisher of Glitter and Goat Cheese participating in the How I Organize series. She gives us a look at how she organizes her fabulous handbags:

I have to admit – I’ve always been the walk-in-and-throw-everything-on-the-floor type. My poor purses used to find themselves discarded on the floor on a daily basis. But when I became the proud owner of a chew-happy puppy with a penchant for raiding my bags, I knew it was time to find a better solution.

We rent a home without many built-in hanging solutions, so we utilize these over-the-door racks in several rooms. This particular one used to hold towels in our guest bathroom, but now it hangs in my office and is the home for my most-used handbags. (As you can probably tell – I have a bit of thing for black, gold and sequins.) The office is close to the front door, so it’s a quick, convenient spot to unload my purse before I head in to greet my puppy. Plus, I love that my favorite bags are on display instead of hidden in a closet!

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