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Home Office Decor Update: Greek Key Tray

The newest decor update in my office is a big beautiful tray that Paloma of La Dolce Vita recently sent over from her Joy & Revelry shop for a White Box Challenge. I decided to put the tray on the surface of my Expedit shelving, which I have right behind my desk, along the back wall.  It has been great for containing things that I like to have within arms reach but off my desk.  Here’s a look:


Things tend to look neater and more stylish when corralled within a tray, wouldn’t you agree?

tray-closeup-office-ariannabelle-blogIf you haven’t already, be sure to check out Paloma’s shop, and to get 10% off, use code LDV_WHITEBOX_10.

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Hunting for a New Lighting Fixture

The dining room is one of the spaces I’ve neglected in our home and is in need of a little attention.  It’s a small little space that is open to the living room.  Since moving in, all we’ve done is bring in the clear chairs we had from our previous home, a white tulip table, and white curtains. The owners of the home (we’re renters) left their chandelier and we’ve left it up because, well, it’s functional. It’s not really our style though and I’ve been itching to change it out.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for light fixtures that I like (and aren’t ridiculously expensive). Below is a round-up of what I’ve found so far.  Some of them aren’t right for the space but thought they were worth sharing here, for any of you out there who may also be on the hunt for the right light fixture.


1- Five Arm Chandelier, 2- Marmont Pendant, 3- Brass Pendant, 4- Modern Pendant Light, 5- Brass and Glass Globe Pendant

#1 is beautiful but it’s probably a bit too fancy for our home. #2 has a fun vibe to it, though I’m not sure if it would emit sufficient light. #3 is a strong contender – I love it’s simple elegance. #4 is clean, simple and my husband’s favorite. There’s also this one, which is similar and I like.  #5 is really cool and I love that it’s handmade by a fellow small business owner.  It’s also the most budget friendly. Given the current chairs we have though, bringing this in would probably be too many clear elements in the space. Perhaps if I got new chairs… (haha I wish! …not in the budget right now)

If you happen to come across a light fixture you think I’d like and is reasonably priced, feel free to send it my way. I’m open to options.

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More Living Room Progress

Just recently came back from a much needed 4-day mini getaway. For my husband, going camping every year is an absolute must, so we headed out to Lake Cachuma and took day trips to Solvang and the Santa Ynez Valley wine country (see a few snapshots of the trip here).  These past few months have been a bit crazy so it was nice to slow things down for a few days and relax.

Back at home, and feeling refreshed, I’m motivated to make some more progress on decorating our little rental apartment.  You may remember the last post on my living room it was looking pretty sparse (see the move-in post here).  Since then, the main things we’ve added are the rug and mirror. Here’s what it looks like currently:

The mirror was a bargain find from the Home Depot. The rug, also a budget find, is from (bought it using a discount code).

On the list of things to do next:

  • make pillows – on the sofa will be two pillows in aga reverse black with black piping, and two black solid with off-white grosgrain ribbon; on the chair will be one lumbar in zig zag french blue with black piping
  • paint the side table – I’m thinking possibly this sapphire blue
  • make the abstract art I talked about in this post
  • bring in a piece of furniture that will store and hide the TV wires, DVDs, xbox, and games

In an upcoming post I’ll share with you all, the progress we’ve made on the bedroom, so stay tuned for that!

p.s. For any of you who may be interested in getting pillows made out of the same fabrics mentioned, email for a quote.

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My Office Progress

I know I promised more photos of our new place after this post. Well I’ve finally gotten around to taking some. First up, my office. Here’s what it looked like when we first got the keys:

Since then we’ve painted the walls (it was too dark and depressing before!) and moved in my desk, etc., so here’s the progress so far:As you can see, there’s still a lot left to do.  I love how desks look centered in the room, but the cords in the middle of the floor are definitely a hazard so I have to find a solution for that or move the desk against the wall.  On the main wall I’m planning to have an Expedit shelving unit (placed horizontally) and a gallery wall with framed artwork, photos and maybe a mirror.  I might move the storage units that are currently on the side wall (with the window) into the closet, depending likely on whether or not I end up moving the desk.  The current rug is too small (it’s the one I used to have in the closet at my old place) so I’m looking for a replacement  – something that will be big enough to cover more of the not-so-pretty carpeting.  We shall see! I’ll post more pictures as I make more changes :)

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Moved In

We’re officially moved into the new place! You don’t realize how much stuff you truly own ’til you move! The place is filled with boxes and boxes ready to be unpacked. I personally don’t enjoy the process of packing, loading the truck, unloading the truck, etc., but I do enjoy the process of unpacking. Probably because it involves organizing!

Now comes the process of getting settled in and making it feel like home. I can’t wait to transform the place.  This is what the living room/dining area looked like on the day we got the keys:

It’s a nice open layout. From the front door (which you can see on the right in the second photo) you step into a tiny entry and then into the living room. The dining area is adjacent and a sliding door leads out to the patio.  Both the living/dining areas are visible from the kitchen.  The floors are in good condition and there’s a working fireplace (yay!).

The color of the walls wasn’t bad, however it didn’t really work with our existing furniture and since it’s a relatively small space, I wanted it to feel as spacious and bright as possible, so decided to paint the walls a lighter color.  I went with Olympic no VOC paint in Horseradish which is a lovely creamy beige.  I didn’t get a chance to take a good photo of the freshly painted room, but as soon as I get some of the boxes out of the way, I’ll be sure to take one and share with you.

Off to catch up on some work then get a start on the unpacking. I’ll share some more updates later in the week!

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My Closet

Remember awhile back, I mentioned I was painting my sad beige closet?

Picture 25

Well here’s how it turned out:


It’s now a lot more cheerful :)

These show only the right side of closet -left side is my husband’s. His side has all black boxes on the top shelves (hence the one that shows up in the photo above left)

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Peonies + Coffee

Coffee and flowers {especially peonies!} make my mornings very happy. Remember this post? Well last week Trader Joe’s finally had some peonies and I of course immediately brought some home with me. Unfortunately they’re on their way out {the petals of the ones on my coffee table started to fall off last night} but I thought I’d take a few photos since they’re fully open and look absolutely gorgeous:


Here’s a shot of them on my desk with my morning coffee and toast {whipped cream cheese+jelly=yuumm!}:

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The New Desk & My Home Office


Remember the new desk I was excited about getting delivered? Well we finally got around to setting it up, taking a few pictures, and posting my old one on Craigslist. The old one was a birch veneer Ikea desk I had since college and definitely showed its age. This new one isn’t much fancier or much more expensive, after all we’re still very much on a budget. However, it’s white, clean, simple and works much better with the decor of my humble little home office {a.k.a. the corner of my living room}.










We had to include Little Foot in a shot, as he’s a curious little guy and typically likes to be by my side when I’m sitting at my desk :)

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