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Breakfast Nook

A polka dot chair, vintage table, and striped banquette….doesn’t this look like the loveliest little spot to spend the mornings?
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Good Morning

Welcome back! Ready for a new week?
Isn’t this little space so lovely? I love the curves of the thonet bench, the large pink peony blooms, and the simple clean lined desk facing the large sunny window.
image credit: via desde my ventana edited by me
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Good morning sunshine!

How lovely would it be to have a spot like this to get ready in the mornings?
image credits: 1-photography by altura studio, 2-via centsational girl
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Chandeliers and Rustic Tables

Two examples showcasing a beautiful combination of things I love: a rustic kitchen table, a crystal chandelier, and large windows allowing in abundant sunlight. Perfect for evoking a sense of relaxed glamour.
These are going in my dream home inspiration file :)
image credits: 1-house and home via mira belleza; 2-via french by design
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To Do Lists

Good morning! A brand new week and a fresh to-do list.

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Are you a lists person? If yes, do you like writing them on paper or typing them on a digital device? I personally like a mix of both. For the day’s to-do’s I like writing things out in my Kate Spade planner {seen above} -it appeals to my tactile sense :) For long term to-do’s I use the To Do List gadget on iGoogle and use multiple lists to separate out tasks by category. I love it’s simplicity and ease of use, and have been using it for a while now. The only con for me is not being able to access it easily from my smartphone.

I’m currently trying out Springpad {which has an accompanying android and iphone app} to see if that might be a better alternative. So far, I like that I can create different notebooks (for separating things into categories: Personal, Business, etc.) and that I can access it from both my computer and through the phone app. What I don’t like though is that I can’t {or at least haven’t figured out how to} sort tasks by high, medium or low priority. Have you tried it? What’s your preferred method of managing your lists?

P.S. for tips on how to write a better to-do list, check out this post which reminds us not to confuse goals with tasks.

image credit: photography by me
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Sunday Morning

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
image credits: 1 -via pinterest , 2- photographed by ellen silverman, styled by paul lowe forsweet paul magazine
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After a weekend spent wrapping up a long-term project, running errands, enjoying the yummiest of home-cooked meals, and taking moments to relax and recharge, I’m ready to start a fresh week…
Happy Monday!
image credits: 1, 2, 3

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Good Morning

breakfast in bed
Sending you all my love! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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A Fresh Start

Hello and good morning! How was your New Years?


Don’t you just love that feeling of a fresh start you get at the beginning of a brand new year? Did you set any resolutions, goals, intentions? Any relating to decorating or organizing? 😉
image credits: 1 photo by Morten Holtum, 2 via French By Design
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Good Morning!


Good morning luvs, how was your weekend? My husband and I had planned on taking a little trip to the Americana at Brand (which is a lovely outdoor shopping center with a humongous Christmas tree) with Little Foot yesterday but ended up deciding against it since it was raining pretty hard. Instead we enjoyed cozy time at home watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa and hot apple cider :) How about you? Did you take it easy? Do any last minute Christmas shopping? Attend any holiday events?

Photos via: 1 tumblr, 2 we heart it, 3 design sponge, 4 design sponge

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