Beautifully Organized: Magazines

A good tip for magazines that are current reading material is to store them wherever you tend to do most of your reading. Here, a basket next to the sofa makes them easily accessible, perfect for reading while lounging:

You could follow the same idea and place a basket or rack next to or under your nightstand if you read in bed.

Or near your desk if you tend to do your reading there:

Maybe you have a desk that has built-in storage, like the one shown above right (lucky!). Since chances are you don’t, you could consider creating your own storage using display shelves.  A magazine wall like this one shown below would be perfect for an office or breakfast nook:

In a later post I’ll go over ideas for storing larger collections of back issues saved for future reference, so stay tuned for that!

image credits: 1 -via plantation design, 2- anthology, 3 –cupcakes and cashmere, 4 -found via pinterest, 5-lonny, 6- made by girl
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  • Aleksandra

    Great post!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THESE IDEAS … don’t know which 1 I will follow … :)

  • Myrna Dobbin

    I love this post, I never seem to know where to put my mags without them looking messy, so I just put them in a closet! Great ideas!

  • Maria Cartagena

    I just came a cross this and via Pinterest from one of your images. What a great blog and this post for magazine organizers are perfection. You were my find of the day. :)