Big Colorful Art

I love the impact a big colorful piece of abstract art makes in a space:

I’m planning to add one in my living room right above my sofa. I’ll be flexing my artistic skills and painting it myself. Should be fun, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

image credits: 1- barrie benson, 2- via digs digs, 3- via amber interior design blog, 4- real living magazine, 5- janelle gaw
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  • Jess

    Love these! High ceilings really help too…good luck with painting your own! Would love to see the process behind it as I’m always telling myself I’m going to paint something for my walls and then I never do. (Maybe I should really get on that, huh?)

  • Laurie

    I love big impact artwork too and you’re right painting an abstract is fun and easy to do, another idea is checking out thrift and antique stores, I’ve seen a lot of abstracts from the 70’s popping up!

  • Raiana Schwenker

    Totally go for it! You will do great!!
    I took a shot at doing the same thing last week and was rather successful and now my living room finally has some artwork – i did a post about it here

    Good luck and keep us updated, I would love to see what you do!!


    • Arianna Belle

      Your painting came out great! Love it! Thank you for the motivation :)

  • tweety alshamsi

    Great idea!
    You should do it.
    Waiting to see the result and how it looks like.

  • Kristen

    Cant wait to see it. Love a successful diy.

  • designchic

    Love abstract art especially statement making pieces…can’t wait to see yours!!

  • Lauren L

    Great idea! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Lisa Marshall

    I love living with large pieces of art. I look forward to seeing your paintings, have fun.

    Lisa x

  • Shauna Oberg

    Love these large abstract canvases too! I think one will look amazing in your space!

  • carey

    i’m eager to try one myself but the canvases are so expensive that i’m worried about messing up! any suggestions?

    • Arianna Belle

      I’m painting over two smaller canvases and arranging them side by side for the effect of a larger piece. You can try checking out thrift stores for really inexpensive canvases you can paint over, or keep an eye out for a 40% off Michael’s coupon.

  • designstiles

    I’m attempting to paint my own little abstract painting now. Wish me luck. I have no clue what I’m doing. Hope you’re well, Ari.

  • Sari

    LOVE all of these oversized pieces!

  • Sentrell

    Commissioning a piece is not in my budget as well. I am going to paint my own abstract art this weekend for my living room. This is my first time! It’s exciting and a little nerve wrecking. Good luck on your piece!