Beautifully Organized: Nail Polish

Painting my nails is one of those little things I like to do when I get a free moment to myself.  Currently I keep my collection of nail polish in a cosmetics bag with clear zippered pockets – one pocket is for mani/pedi tools (nail clipper, file, etc.) and the other is for the polishes. It’s worked great, however after several years of use, the bag now is worn and torn, and so I’ve been thinking of either finding a similar replacement, or maybe trying out one of these ideas:

(1) Dedicate a shelf in the medicine cabinet to them

(2) Store them in a glass jar

(3) Line them up on a vanity tray

(4) Keep them in an acrylic organizer or (5) a re-purposed spice rack

How do you like to store and keep your nail polishes organized?

image credits: 1-glitter guide, 2-into the gloss, 3-the coveteur, 4-fabulous k, 5-refinery 29, 6-guide to style, 7-hopelessly devoted to makeup, 8-birchbox
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  • Katie*Belle

    I love the idea of lining them all up in a medicine cabinet. It’s so pretty and organized!

  • Lisa Marshall

    I usually hide mine mine away in a little travel case. But I love the idea of displaying them very much.

    Lisa x

  • katie

    I keep them on a shelf in the bathroom on a lazy susan, grouped by color. I keep my mani/pedi tools in a gold candleholder next to it. it looks nice, allows me to store a lot of polish without taking up the space I’d need to line it all up, and means I can easily grab the bottle and the candle holder when I want to do my nails.

    • Arianna Belle

      Love the idea of using a lazy susan!

  • Ashley Clobes

    I made ceramic bowls and store them there on an eye level shelf in my closet.


    i think nail polish looks great lined up together or grouped in cute dishes displayed in your bathroom! I also LOVE the pastel colors for summer! So cute! it adds a splash of color to your bathroom as well!


  • malasite

    This is a great post!

  • Taccora

    This past weekend I built a shelf to hold my polishes…well most of them. It hold about 120 bottles. I bought enough room for two and I definitely needed that much. One of these days I’ll get around to building the other one and getting my uncle to mount it to the wall.

    • Taccora

      bought enough wood…not enough room.

  • tweety alshamsi

    Loved all the ideas !!
    good work!