Room for Boots

Ok so most of us don’t have the luxury of having his much space for our shoes…

…but what we can take away from these photos is the idea of tailoring our storage to the types of shoes we have.  When we think of shoe storage we tend to think of heels and flats, and often forget about our boots. Whether you’re building a custom shelving unit or you’re getting a hanging organizer, when planning a storage solution for your shoes, make sure to take inventory and ask yourself – how many of each type of shoe do I have? How tall are they? What will accommodate their height?

image credits: 1-lonny, 2-the coveteur
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  • Life as A Southern Girl

    Oh my gosh! That like a shoe dream closet!

  • Elizabeth Baumgartner

    what a dream! i could stare at those shoes all day!!

  • Jean @ Flower Hill

    I love the idea of accomodating space for tall boots!

  • Screen Door Prep

    Agree. My boots always end up lined up down in one far corner of the closet. These ideas are preferable!

  • Lily

    That boot storage is fabulous !!!


  • Lisa Mende Design

    Wow, I’m totally green with envy! Great storage for someone with an incredible shoe collection. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big closet, so it doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes I have they have to duke it out for a place!

  • justinelorelle

    Sighhh…my dream closet has a whole wall for shoes. (It’s a walk-in, natch.) Maybe some day :)

  • Kat Marie

    I don´t that much shoes and boots, but some day I will! to organize just like that! bisous

  • Lizzie Buxton

    I really want to get my closet space organised like this. I have only just got my clothes out of self storage. I just got back from travelling so it has been a slow transition back into normal life. Dreading sorting through it all. Beautiful arrangements though, I will definitely be implementing some of your system to my closet strategy!

  • Ang

    love it!

  • storage Tulsa OK

    What a great idea for shoe storage! Indeed, it is essential to think about the height and style of the shoes in order to know the type of storage that’s suitable.