How Shauna Organizes Her Spices

This week’s guest participating in the ‘How I Organize’ series is the lovely Shauna of Satori Design for Living who takes a holistic approach to design and organization in helping others beautifully transform their homes. She gives us a peek inside her kitchen and shares with us how she organizes her spices:

I have always loved using spices in cooking, but it usually meant searching through a basket of miss-matched packages, jars and tins to find the one I was looking for. Quite often I’d end up buying multiples of the same spice because it was buried at the bottom of a disorganized mess. I also never kept track of how long I had a particular spice and knew that in order to get the most flavor, whole spices should only be kept for three years and ground spices for just a year. (When a spice is ground, it releases the oils responsible for its flavor and aroma. As the oils dissipate, the spice becomes less pungent.)

To start with, I took stock of all the spices I had and weeded out the ones I never really use. I then bought small jars from the Dollar Store to transfer the spices into. It’s always much better to keep items the same to prevent an area from looking cluttered. I used small jars for most of the spices and larger ones for spices we use in greater quantities. I then found labels from the Martha Stewart line at Staples, printed the spice names using the computer and affixed them to the jars. Next, I applied a clear protective film over the labels to keep them looking new. On the bottom of the jar I affixed a small label and wrote the month and year the spice was put into the jar.

Currently I keep the spices on simple white trays on a shelf in my pantry closest to the stove. I store them alphabetically, with spices used more often at the front. This new system looks visually appealing and makes finding spices a breeze. I like the fact that I’m doing something good for the environment by purchasing small packets of spices (that can be recycled) to refill the jars. I also feel confident that dishes will be flavorful because of the freshness of the spices I use.

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  • Howthatbe

    I thought of you when I saw Martha Stewart’s new line and the prices are really good. Nice to see it in place ( at your house ) and good idea to date the spices. Thanks for sharing Sharna !
    Lisa b.

  • Shauna Oberg

    Thank you for asking me to participate in this series. I love taking a look at how people organize their stuff and lives and it was fun to share a part of mine.

  • Cre8ive Motives

    Looks lovely Shauna, I love Martha Stewart’s labels- I’m actually organizing my pantry using her labels.

    Arianna Belle, what a beautiful blog you have, new follower :)

  • Jamie @ Like Me Some

    That is too cute! I love that and would totally leave that out on my counter!

  • Jean @ Flower Hill

    I love how clean and organized it looks!

  • Jessica

    This is brilliant. Something as simple as matching jars makes all the difference.

  • Lisa Marshall

    I love stopping by…. there is always inspiration here for organizing something in my home.

    Lisa x

  • kat @ dot dot dash

    I’ve just done something similar with large mason jars. Just make everything clean and simple.
    I’ve posted our little kitchen refurb if you’d like to check it out!

    x kat

  • Guest

    hmm I think cinnamon is spelled wrong?

    • Shauna Oberg

      Oops, I need to fix that!

  • Dana Sipes


    Really nice example. From a garlic powder girl to the multiple different types of sea salts girl- any cook can benefit from having spices handy.

    A post like this reaffirms a belief that I hold and often forget:
    Simple, clean, functional and timeless= more bland than brilliant but infinitely more rewarding and peaceful over my life.

  • Silk and Whiskey

    I was looking for this! Such a great idea and I can hardly wait to buy some glass jars for my kitchen. Perfect!

  • Sylvia

    I wish i was able to purge enough from my spice cupboard to be this organized. The Indian spices alone take up one massive basket of 2oz bags….