Beautifully Labeled Pantry

Came across photos of Sam‘s pantry and fell in love…

She used glass mason jars and labels she designed, to create a beautiful way to store basic food items.

Would make a great weekend project, don’t you think? The labels are available as a free download here.  Print them on sticker paper and adhere them to the tops like she did or on the fronts of larger jars.  Or just use it as inspiration and make your own (let me know if you do -would love to see!)

all images via elephant shoe blog
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  • Teresa (Our Corner House)

    Oh my goodness, those really are beautiful!

  • Ryan

    Really great labels. Nice job Sam.

  • Gabrielle | Savvy Home

    So gorgeous!!! I wish I had the time/patience to make that kind of stuff… That being said, I’d probably be first to purchase if these were ever for sale! X

  • Shauna Oberg

    This makes me happy!

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute idea!!

  • Anonymous

    These are so pretty. I just sorted out my store cupboard yesterday using jars & it makes such a difference, but nowhere near as gorgeous as this! Thanks for sharing.

  • My First Little Place

    These are so gorgeous, what a lovely idea x

  • Katrina – Dot Dot Dash

    So in love with this pantry. So simply labelled and you can see what’s inside.
    Lovely! x kat

  • Lauren Ferreira

    This is adorable!