Hanging Pot Rack in a Small Kitchen

Last week I did a post on hanging pot racks, which featured mostly large kitchens.  This kitchen below shows how a hanging pot rack can be integrated into smaller quarters:

It works here because there’s free wall space, as in the pots aren’t blocking any cabinet doors.  They do look quite high up there though, so I’m guessing the homeowner keeps a step stool handy :)

image credit: photography by patrick cline for lonny mag
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  • Lily

    What a great idea !!


  • Olivia Carter

    such a great way to save space in a small place!! I’m all about making organization decor :)

  • Danielle Festino

    Brilliant idea for small spaces! I need to talk to my roommate about this!

  • Kelly Westover

    Great idea! Is it sad that I wish my kitchen were as big as this one?

  • Saskia

    I have a hanging pot rack in my shoe box of a kitchen, and i’ve bought really colourful pots so it looks quite pretty! It’s such a good way to save space without compromising on style.

  • Loribeth Clark

    This is nice for a kitchen that has a long expanse of wall… It really looks nice. It wouldn’t work in my kitchen though, because I don’t have any walls where they could be hung without blocking something.

  • http://www.jenneliserose.blogspot.com Jenneliserose

    Your blog is so unique and beautiful! I love it!

  • http://adaanddarcy.blogspot.com/ Kellie Collis

    It works so well. This kitchen is adorable! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  • Anonymous

    First of all; I like to thank you for answering my request on organizing in small quarters. Great appeal and a great look for such a tight and narrow space. This rack looks like it could be lowered a tad for more accessibility. Snazzy little kitchen!

    • http://ariannabelle.com/blog Arianna Belle

      I agree, it’s a little too high up!

  • magnetic labels

    It really looks nice. Great idea of hanging thing.


    they must keep a stepping stool handy….it is pretty high. Ive always LOVED this kitchen…even as small as it is….i can really dig this in apt living. :))))

  • Magnetic Labels

    It really nice, hanging can save lot of space.

  • http://www.aussie-storage.co.uk/ London Storage

    Your blog is so unique and beautiful! I love it!

  • Warehouse Labels

    It really looks nice. Wonderful kitchen.

  • Mom to Many

    What a charming kitchen! Where did you find it?