Painted Chevron Floor

Came across this image a couple of weeks ago and still have it in my head. I think you’ll see why:
Isn’t that chevron painted floor beautiful?? It was designed by Merrilee McGehee. See more of her work here.

image credit: merrilee mcgehee designs via katie maennle

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  • Oksana

    STUNNING! I think I addicted to chevron everything. That floor is painted?

    Oksana from

  • katie [the bright life]

    This is amazing!! I can't imagine how much designing and planning that must have taken! I would love to think that I could pull off something like that in my home…but it would probably turn out to be disastrous!! For now I'll just swoon over other people's genius ideas. :) Xo, Katie

  • Kristy

    I love painted floors! They look so stunning and they are an easy way to add a custom feel to a space.

  • jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    wow! just gorgeous. these are lovely. xo jillian

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    Yep, it's gorgeous!!

  • marin!

    beautiful floor!

  • Blue Fruit

    Too beautiful to walk on! It is so very shiny. Love the soft grey with white too.

  • Pudel-design

    This floor is really beautiful!

  • flooring Houston

    There is simplicity in beauty which is clearly seen in this photo. Painting floors, in the past, was not much considered but these days, there are a lot of lovely inspirations of painted floors that are just beautiful and enough to make home owners get paint all over them!

  • flooring Honolulu

    The Chevron Floor you just painted really made the bigger view more elegant and nice! The colors are also blending well with the appliances around, and the set of wood chairs gave an obvious highlight. Thank you for the pattern sample and we’d love to do some for our own, too!