Chevron Bath Floors

For all you chevron fans out there, check out the fabulous floors in these luxurious bathrooms:

Do you think the black and white make it classic or do you think the pattern is trendy and will soon make it look out of style?

image credit: interior design by greg natale
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  • Fash Boulevard

    total dream bathroom. thanks for another lovely post. Would love if you'd check out my latest trend report and outfit post. Thanks love. xoxo

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  • Andrew White

    The black and white helps but I think the pattern is very strong and definitely an acquired taste. Life is short though and you should live with what you like.

    The Flooring Guru

  • flooring Houston

    Black and white are classic colors but when it comes to the design, yes, it can go out of style considering other people’s opinions; but hey, these days, old is not necessarily outdated, it can be said to say that it is a flooring style of its time.