Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

This week’s beautifully organized space is this lovely all white kitchen:

via minlillaveranda

I love the hanging row of cups and the perfectly edited items on the open shelving, but the standout organizational feature is the beautifully labeled drawer fronts, which is pretty unique for a kitchen. It works in this space because each drawer is small enough that it can be organized in such a way that it contains only a certain category of items therefore making it easy to label. Also, the elegant script fits in nicely with the overall style of the kitchen. I wonder though how easy the writing is to remove/hide/change. Has anyone done something like this before? Does anyone recognize the language? I’m curious as to what each says :)
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  • Katie

    I am in LOVE with the drawer labels, my husband would never go for it, but man so cute!

  • Melanie’s Randomness

    I love the cups hanging too! I love the writing too on the drawers! it's really something!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  • Cassandra Marie

    Those drawers! Love! 😀

  • Jaime @ La vie…J’aime

    cute. i love the labeled drawers…the white is so fresh looking!

  • Edith Marie

    The advent wreath says "god jul" which means merry xmas in Norwegian, so I'm guessing the kitchen is Norwegian, but the language on the labels I don't know. Im pretty sure the labels are names of different herbs and spices though.

  • Teresa at Splendid Sass

    This kitchen is to die for! The tree and especially its basket is great!
    have a great day.

  • Mai-Brit @ thisfulllife

    I love that pendant light – its beautiful!

  • Tammy

    Be still my heart! Love it all.

  • Rene

    Beautiful image! Love the open shelving.


  • The Pantry Drawer

    officinalis are medicinal herbs or something i think. those are pretty big drawers for herbs haha soo beautiful though. i would totally do it

  • Lisa

    It’s really tipicall northly style I would say. It says “god jul” means merry christmas in English. It’s in Norwegian. This is how most house look like here in Norway (most that do care about interiors thou). I don’t actually like this type of style in my country, but in Christmas…it’s so cozy and are really in the mood of it, with the smell of cinnamon and the feeling that’s cold outside, watching snow falls down. It’s great in the winter, but we get bored when most of the year is something like this, hehe :-)

    Your blog is so inspirational! Just found it today from bloglovin, and I’m loving it! May I ask which school of interior design you graduated from? My dream is to work with interior, maybe I’ll take a look for some schools in the US, maybe? 😀