Beautifully Organized Space of the Week

Speaking of gift wrap how great would it be to have a dedicated space for wrapping? This week’s beautifully organized space of the week is this closet turned wrap studio from the home of writer Sally Horchow.

Wrap Studio

It’s perfectly outfitted with a custom height desk built to be comfortable for her to stand in front of and a slotted wall with movable hooks to hold wrapping accessories. A big roll of kraft paper (her favorite blank canvas) lives on the desk for easy access, as does her dry erase board which she uses to jot down reminders. Top shelves house her grab-and-go host presents and special sheets of paper neatly hang on door racks. Extra tall drawers with dividers make it easy to see wrapping paper rolls. Baskets hide leftover scraps to be reused for accents or gift cards.

Wrap Studio (detail)

images via the Dec 05 issue of Domino Magazine

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  • Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess

    I always lust after spaces like this, not just because this gift wrap station is so beautifully organized and so functional, but because it is such a luxury to have so much space that you can actually devote square footage in the home to this purpose! A girl can dream…


  • Pearl

    I love when paper is organized!!
    Just makes me smile. =)


  • Terri

    Oh wow… I would love a gift wrap AND a giant roll of brown paper, please!

  • Yahnay

    Wow that is organized! I dont know if I could ever be that organized, but I love the idea of having a wrapping area.