Pillow Love: Get the Look for Less

I’ve admired the beautiful Sheesha pillows ever since I first saw ’em in the living room below. Unfortunately though the price tag on these babies is a bit more than I am able and willing to shell out for a pillow. John Robshaw sells a 20×20 version (pictured below right) for $200 (each!) and Jayson Home and Garden sells ’em for $250 for the 20×20 version and $345 for the 26×26 version (yikes!).

olivia palermo living roomPicture 8
L: Karin Kohlberg via Page Six Magazine; R: John Robshaw Sheesha pillow $200
home of Karen of the blog The Art of Doing Stuff

Recently I was excited to find a few pillows that have a similar look for much much less. West Elm sells the Bijoux Dots Pillow (below left) for $34.00, and Etsy seller The Home Centric sells the White Mirrors Throw Pillow (below right) for $33.20 as well as the Light Beige Reflections Throw Pillow for $33.20 to $39.90 (price depending on size).
Picture 4white18x18
L: Bijoux-Dots Pillow Cover $34.00; R: White Mirrors Throw Pillow $33.20

P.S. I’m loving the large selection at The Home Centric! Check out her shop for more fabulous pillows!
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  • Nycia @ Inspired Events

    These pillows are so glam!!

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    This is such a great Etsy store! I've been eyeing their mother of pearl pillows for a while. This one is such a great replica!

  • Leah

    What a gorgeous blog you have here!!! So glad I found you!


  • nuhasofiyan

    i think the pillows are cute an all, but who would pay $200 plus for pillows?! insanity! I'll sign up for the $30 ones!

  • AlpHa Buttonpusher

    Definitely refreshing.

  • LAURA!!!

    oh my, thank you SO much for this etsy link! I have been searching for a new throw pillow!