Using a Rain Gutter to Control Cable Clutter

One of the biggest eye sore in a home office is commonly cable clutter. A nice solution for this is to attach a rain gutter towards the back of a desk. Check out this great before and after from SeanDavid010 over at LifeHacker:
Picture 3

Picture 1

Much better right? For more photos and to read about how he did it, click here. For another great example on how to use a rain gutter for cable management, also check out this post by Jonathan Crossman.
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  • Jaime @ La vie…J’aime

    Such a creative idea!!!

  • LAURA!!!

    wow. that's genius! thanks!!!

  • Tamara Nicole

    That is so crazy, would have never thought of that! :-) Inventive!!!

  • ::levina::

    great idea. never thought of that.

  • Jessica

    This is brilliant! I'm definitely doing this.