Portable Storage Baskets

A tote basket is a beautiful solution for containing and conveniently transporting files and/or project supplies from room-to-room.

Picture 8
image via domino

I’m loving these hand-woven fair trade imports from Tango Zulu:

P.S. You can also use ’em as market totes, magazine holders, picnic baskets…there’s a multitude of uses!
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  • LifestyleBohemia

    Great idea & I love your selections!

  • anhesty

    these baskets are fab! love the selection!

  • loribethswan

    I love tote baskets exactly for that purpose. Just last week a bought a nice one with a bright orange fabric liner and leather straps.

  • Melissa

    i love totes!! I love your blog! thanks so much for visiting mine =)