Storage Solutions: Laundry Spaces

A shelf above and behind the washer to maximize use of space
image via country living

DIY using a piece of wood or install something like this:
Picture 31.jpg
over washer storage laundry shelf $12.99

Glass canisters for storing powdered detergent
laundry-room-art-2-sarahrichardson.jpg pb-glasscanister
L: image via sarah richardson; R: PB classic glass canister $44.00 cheaper option {$19.99} here

Wall-mounted iron & ironing board holders
image via house to home

The one below left is made of heat-resistant plastic to accommodate a just-unplugged iron. The one below right is wide enough to fit in an extra item like say a spray bottle.
IroningBoardOrganizer_containerstore.jpgPicture 30.jpg
L: large ironing organizer $9.99; R: wall-mount ironing board holder with basket $28.99

Shelving units that double as a drying rack
laundry-room-viamaterialgirls.jpgPicture 28.jpg
L: image via material girls; R: utility shelf with hanger bar $12.99

Fold away drying racks -great for small spaces
fold-away drying rack $34.99

More space saving drying options: a laundry valet and retractable clothesline
L: chrome laundry valet $21.99 ; R: retractable clothesline $9.99

Wall-mounted and over-the-door storage baskets keep products organized and easily accessible
L: elfa laundry door and wall rack $95.93 ; R: over cabinet deep storage basket $14.99

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  • Savino

    Wow. Your blog actually makes sense. I wish there was a way that all bloggers could be made aware of your blog.

    You are doing a good deed through your blog.

  • Chateau 809

    Great ideas- thanks for the finds on the drying racks. We just recently completed our laundry room and I haven't been able to find any drying racks that didn't cost a fortune.