Hang Drying

If I had a backyard area, I’d try to hang dry my clothes as often as possible. As a kid, I used to help my mom hang everything on the clothesline and always thought of it as a pleasant experience, especially when we’d do it on beautifully sunny day.

Picture 24
photo by Patrick Cline

The photo above is of Deborah Lloyd’s lakeside home as seen in issue 5 of Lonny Magazine, which just came out today. If you haven’t already, go check it out! Beautiful features as always :-)
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  • Savino

    Long as the rinse water is splashed with fabric softener, I co-sign this sentiment.

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    Such a cute picture. I would love to be able to air dry my clothes like that!

  • Jessica

    I wonder if Deborah actually line dries her clothes … 😉

  • Gracey

    Really pretty picture, and cute clothes too!