Flowers on Balcony

Happy Friday! This weekend we’ll be working on a little DIY project making a flower box for our balcony and I’m taking inspiration from these beautiful photographs…

Picture 66


Mettete altri fiori sui vostri balconi!  -  Put more flowers on  your balconies!

Picture 67Picture 70

Balcony Flowers 1

Picture 71

Picture 73flowerbox-thebottomoftheironingbasket



Picture 68

Balcony of flowers

Balcony and bougainvillea

I know I definitely want to have some jasmine and several hydrangeas, but not sure yet what else. Do you have a flower box at home? Any tips?? I’ll be sure to post pictures once its all done :)

*All photos limked to source

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  • D&D

    those photos are beautiful! i love hydrangea flower boxes. go for it. ;)

  • shelly

    very pretty! hydrangeas are my favorite this year. i planted some bright orange gerber daisies that i just love. thanks for stopping by my little spot :)

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    These are stunning photos! I definitely need to get some flowers for our balcony. I am sure whatever you decide go with will be great with jasmine and hydrangeas!

  • bazaarofserendipity

    Ooooh these are all gorgeous! Have fun! Post photos of the finished product :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend xoxo

  • Kirby

    beautiful photos! can't wait to see how yours turned out. I wonder if I can put boxes on my fire escape?

    I think some hanging vine or flower would add some good depth.

  • Roxy Te Owens

    I don't have any tips, but the mother in law just sent 8 pots of flowers for our balc! They make our new furniture look even prettier ;) How did yours turn out?