Entryway Configurations: Part I

If you’re lucky enough to have a closet at or near the entry, take full advantage. This is the ideal spot for hanging items and keeping not-so-pretty things out of sight.
L: via realsimple ; R via simple effects
Maximize your closet space by installing hooks, shelves and/or by adding a bookcase {either horizontally or vertically like the one below right}. Use boxes for infrequently used items and baskets to corral more frequently used items. Matching hangers will help the space look streamlined. Wooden ones are usually the best for coats as they tend to be sturdiest ones.
martha hall closet.jpgReal Simple After Closet.jpg
L: via martha stewart ; R via realsimple

If you allow your entry closet to meet most of the practical needs, this gives you the flexibility to use the most visible part of the entry to set the mood and decorative tone of your home. Maybe the only other thing you need is a flat surface for dropping off your keys and cell phone, so you can get away with having a non bulky console table that displays decorative items…
L: Rita Konig via domino; R: via domino
L: via domino; R: via domino
…and if you want {and have the space} you can add a chair or bench for taking off your shoes…
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…and/or a mirror for a quick check before heading out the door….
HBJune2006dMaryMcDonald-Entry.jpghjohnny miller-metalchain.jpg
L: mary mcdonald ; R h jonny miller
Miles Redd july 2009 HB.jpgdomino-mirroredconsole.jpg
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L: via domino ; R: jonathan adler

Up next, entryways without entry closets.
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  • Cinnamon

    Those pink rooms you posted are pretty fabulous, and I don't even usually like pink! Great tips and photos to follow along with. Thanks!

  • listsinmypocket

    I have an entryway closet but it is tiny and dark. You've inspired me to look into other options though!

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    Great tips! My coat closet reorganization is on my to-do list, so I'll keep this post for reference!


    I have a closet but my entryway is almost non-existent. These are fabulous ideas. I'm definitely going to use them as inspiration.

    Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

  • Sprout Gallery

    Inspiring. I have the worst closet space ever! We are looking to revamp.

  • Deliciously Organized

    and even more here! love love love