Little Foot Getting Neutered


This morning we’re sadly taking Little Foot to get neutered. It’s a law here in Los Angeles that all dogs must be neutered (unless you have special permission to breed) which is reasonable since there are so many dogs for adoption at the various shelters. Just makes me sad since he’s my little boy and has to go under the knife. I’m also hoping his personality doesn’t change too much as a result. If you’re a dog owner, what experiences have you had? Did his personality change much? I’ve heard it becomes easier to potty train (LF is still not fully trained). How long after the surgery was he back to running, playing, etc.

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  • SogniSorrisi

    So adorable!

    I left you something on my blog:


    Awh he's adorable! Poor Little Foot…hope it all goes well! :)

  • Jaime @ La vie…J’aime

    Best of luck to LF! :)

  • Janett

    oh no! i hope next time i see him he's feeling a lot better. he'll get through this =)

  • Cassandra Marie

    Aww poor thing looks like he knows what's coming lol.

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  • bazaarofserendipity

    He'll be fine! I had mine spayed and and she was fine after just a day or so. When you pick him up he'll be very sleepy and sweet. It may mellow his personality a bit and will definitely help with the potty training.

    Take him outside every half hour or hour that your home and every time he goes potty give him a treat. thats what i did and it worked. I have a pug and they are notorious for being hard to potty train :)

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    Aww! Don't worry. My puppy was neutered a couple of months ago and he was fine pretty much right away. I had heard they usually calm down a bit afterwards but Mac remained the same energetic dog! I actually wished he'd come down a little… Hope all goes well with Little Foot!

  • :: Gina ::

    so incredibly cute.
    i wanted to barf when i saw this


  • designstiles

    I nearly cried when my dog was neutered. It broke my heart to see him bump into things with that cone thing around his neck.