Happy First Day of Spring + LF Update

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Thank you for all your sweet comments regarding Little Foot! Thankfully everything went well. Here’ s a recap:

Thursday morning as soon as we walked into the vet’s office, he started trembling as if he knew he wasn’t going to have a fun experience in there. Last time he had been there was when he was getting treated for Parvo, and I’m guessing he recognized the smell of the place. Although saddened that he hadn’t stopped trembling after several minutes we kissed him goodbye and handed him over to the nurse. After about an hour of dropping him off we got a call from the vet. He told us that Little Foot’s double front teeth were a problem. His adult teeth had come in but were being impacted by his baby teeth which hadn’t fallen off yet. So he recommended they pull them out since he’d be under anesthesia anyway.

We picked him up that evening. The nurse handed us over his four baby teeth and gave us a cone in case he was licking too much. He wagged his tail happy to see us but we could definitely tell he was in pain. He was swollen and had stitches. Not surprisingly he didn’t want to eat and remained mellow through the night.

On Friday though he had a lot more energy and as of today he’s back to being a hyper little puppy :-)

Happy first official day of spring! Enjoy your weekend!

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    Oh I'm so happy to hear that he's back to being himself! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy spring!!! :)

  • Jaime @ La vie…J’aime

    Glad LF is feeling better! :)

  • ::levina::

    hope he's recovering well.