Trader Joes is Such a Tease!

I get excited about the little things, like when I see the first peonies of the year….



excuse the photo quality -I took these with my phone camera

Peonies have got to be my absolute favorite type of flower, followed by irises, lilies, and roses. I surprisingly saw these at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago on a cold night but didn’t pick up any since I was going to be gone from home for several days and wouldn’t be able to enjoy them. I’ve gone back several times since then (at opening and closing times), but unfortunately they haven’t had any. I know its mainly a spring/summer type of flower but if they had some a couple of weeks ago, they gotta have some again some time soon right? In the meantime, I’ll admire them from photographs….


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  • Jaime

    Peonies are so pretty… I like your iphone shots :)

  • Brunch at Saks

    Gorgeous! Love peonies as well XOXO

  • Gaia

    Peonies, is true! now it's time for them. I love peonis really, it's my fav flower ever!

  • SogniSorrisi

    I adore peonies!

  • ::levina::

    lovely…makes me want to go buy some now.