Home Tour: Kate Walsh’s LA Spanish House


Actress Kate Walsh resides in a gorgeous Spanish house located in Los Angeles. Kate enlisted Melissa Levander, set decorator for the television show Private Practice, to help her create beautiful interiors that blend French and Spanish antiques with 20th century design.

I picture this house being nestled somewhere within Santa Barbara.

The painting above the piano is by Jeff Robinson.
I love all the curves in this room -makes it feel so inviting.

The beautiful chandelier in this dining room is from Dragonette Limited

This is perfect for letting in the So.Cal sunshine

Who wouldn’t love to take a bath in this freestanding tub overlooking the pool?

The mosaic tiles in this master bath are from Bisazza -.something I’d definitely love to put in my own master bath someday. I love how beautifullly they shimmer!

The calm neutrals and varied textures, including the soft blue and gold rug from H.D. Buttercup, add a sense of coziness to this sophisticated master bedroom.

*Photographys by Francois Halard for In Style magazine.
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  • Simone

    This is absolutely gorgeous….wow!!! I could move right in and not change a thing :)

  • Cari

    I love that tub! What a beautiful home.

  • Brandi

    The backyard is absolutely gorgeous. Actually, with an outdoor area like that, I probably wouldn't go indoors that much…which would be crazy because the indoor rooms are stunning themselves.

  • Jaime

    She is so pretty and so is her home! Love the tiled bathroom and tub!

  • natty.

    This is a beautiful home. And I love that painting above the piano…so cool.

  • ::levina::

    gorgeous home! loving everything.

  • Inspiration in Italy

    Wow, I love this! The 3rd photos is my favorite!

  • Slices of Beauty…

    Love it too, want that bath tub!

  • Flavia @ Estilo Home

    What a stunning house! That backyard patio is to die for!