Camping at Lake Cachuma

Today I will be spending the evening packing for a little family camping trip. We’re taking advantage of the last summer days and the long weekend to visit the beautiful Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara. Going to this lake is particularly special for me because its where I got engaged!

Around this time two years ago, here’s how it happened:

After some persuasion I agreed to join David on a late night walk to take advantage of the beautiful night. I was feeling lazy from the day’s activities and just wanted to sleep on the hammock and it took awhile for him to get me to get up. Anyways, I followed him as he took me through the trees, past all the other campsites…I could barely see in the dark… until we began to approach the lake where the moon was reflecting on the water…and it was just gorgeous. He led me towards a point at the edge of the lake. As we approached it, I noticed several small candles arranged amongst the rocky platform. He stopped and turned to look at me. As I turned, I noticed a bright flash of light in my face. My sister and her boyfriend had been following us with a video camera (either they were really slick or I must have been half asleep because I can’t believe I didn’t notice!). At that instant I realized exactly what was going on…I took in the moment… “Will you marry me?” he asked as he pulled out a pink ring he had gotten from a 25 cent machine (seriously) that we had previously joked about giving me as a proposal ring. He told me my real ring wasn’t ready (the jeweler messed up the engraving) but that he wanted to propose at the lake and reminded me that i said i wouldn’t mind if I was proposed to with a 25 cent ring. I laughed and said yes of course I would marry him!!!

I have video (which we have yet to transfer to a digital format) but no photographs of the actual proposal. The pictures above are set on the scene of the proposal. Imagine it at night…with the moon light reflecting on the lake…and small candles spread among the rocks…
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    hi…goodluck always…..


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    p.s. thanks for sending in your bucket list!! I really appreciate it and I should be posting it soon. (it's a great list!)

  • Jaime

    What a nice story- that is SO SWEET! Enjoy your weekend in that special place for you!

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    I love that tent in the first pic!